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Szymon Drobniak, Ph.D.
  Inst. of Environmental Sciences
Jagiellonian University

Gronostajowa 7, 30-387 Kraków
tel. + 48 12 664 51 79
fax + 48 12 664 69 12
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2008-2012 - PhD. in biology, Institute of Environmental Sciences, Jagiellonian University

2004-2009 - Biotechnology (5 year MSc, Jagiellonian Univ.)

2003-2008 - Interdisciplinary studies of mathematical and nature sciences (MSc, Jagiellonian Univ.)

Research interests

The main field of my scientific interest is evolutionary biology, especially ecological immunology and breeding biology. Questions I'm trying to answer focus on the differences between males and females with respect to the strategies and evolutionary trade-offs that shape the functionaing of an organism in environment. In particular my research addresses the following prolems:

  • 'Cause numbers tell more - quantitative genetics of fitness-related traits
  • Genetic correlations: why on the lower picture below the female wheel won't spin in the same direction as the upper one?
  • Does it pay off to fight? - Costs and benefits of elicitating immune response
  • What should I invest in? - how do males and females differ in their 'life riorities'
  • Double function of colour - karotenoids and their role in mate-choice and physiology
  • Why sometimes it's good to be unfaithful? - evolutionary basis of extra-pair copulations

Im also interested in bioinformatics and new approaches to statistical data analysis, together with theoretical fundaments of quantitative genetics.

Genet corr 1


Answering questions listed above requires appropriate models. In my research I use Blue Tits (Cyanistes coeruleus) - a bird species widely used in evolutionary and ecological research. The population I work with is located on the Baltic island, Gotland (Sweden). I'm also participating in experiments carried out in our laboratory population of Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata) established in our Institute in 2000 by J.Rutkowska.

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