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Main research topics

  • Aquatic ecology and quality of running waters.
  • Behaviour and biology of organisms considered against the background of the environment.
  • Biodiversity: factors supporting, protection.
  • Bioindication of pollutants in southern Poland.
  • Biological aspect of sewage treatment.
  • Biology of social insects and their parasites.
  • Bird fauna: distribution and numbers.
  • Development of thermoregulation in rodents and game birds.
  • Ecology of predatory mammals, and ungulates.
  • Ecotoxicology of invertebrates and vertebrates.
  • Energetics of growth and reproduction.
  • Evolution of life strategies.
  • Evolutionary ecology of microorganisms.
  • Evolutionary foundations of population and ecosystem ecology.
  • Genetic background of adaptations.
  • Geographical variability of metabolism.
  • Information, communication, and education concerning environmental issues.
  • Molecular ecology.
  • Mycorrhiza, interactions between plants and microorganisms.
  • Olfactory and acoustic communication in mammals.
  • Organic matter decomposition processes in ecosystems considering the impact of industrial pollutants.
  • Physiological and bioenergetic limits in functioning of homoiothermic organisms under extreme conditions.
  • Soil ecology.
  • Taxonomy, ecology, and biology of algae, ciliates and aquatic insects.
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