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Field work in Henri Pittier National Park (Venezuela)

(photo: R. Laskowski)


  • Latest notice: due to securicy problems in Venezuela, the 2014 course takes place in Danum Valey Field Centre, Sabah, Borneo. The place for 2015 course will be annouced later (most probable options are Danum Valey, Malasia, or Yanayacu Field Station, Ecuador).

  • Introduction, general information about the course (pdf). Note that the information given here is based on past courses in Venezuela. Terms and conditions for the coming courses may differ!

  • Course participant's equipment list

  • Candidates have to register for the course personally with me (Inst. Environ. Sci., room 2.1.2). Registering at USOS is not sufficient and does not guarantee a place on the course! You can still register for the 2014 course.

  • Important notice: to participate in the course you have to complete the Tropical Ecology course WBNZ-849 first!

  • Important information about the costs: Although there is no course fee, students have to cover their own travel and accommodation costs. The return flight from Poland to Venezuela usually costs ca. 4000 PLN, and the accommodation is ca. 500 USD (covers all lodging and food during the course). Jagiellonian University usually provides some grants to our students (up to 2000 PLN per person). See also the information above, regarding the course location and possible changes!

  • So far, all course participants tell that the course is worth the effort... :)

Other options to study tropical ecology and biology: tropical biology courses organized by Tropical Biology Association. The courses take place in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar and  Borneo.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences is the TBA member, and our students are eligible for significantly reduced course fees!