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Substantial insect biodiversity decline

A comprehensive, multi-year study published last week in the journal Nature demonstrated a large decrease in insect biodiversity during the last eleven years, across hundreds of grassland and forest sites within Germany.
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Media about our research

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A few difficult questions about bees

25 beehives housing somewhere around 400,000 bees were installed in the new University Apiary, the centre of which is located in the JU Botanical Garden. Its inception is a great opportunity to discuss the dramatic situation these fluffy insects have found themselves in. We asked Dr Karolina Kuszewska from the JU Institute of Environmental Sciences to tell us more.
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Earth's best recyclers

Wood constitutes the vast majority of organic matter in our world. Why is it, then, that we’re not buried metres deep below a growing pile of dead wood? Dr Michał Filipiak, a specialist in natural recycling mechanisms, provided us with an answer to that question.
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